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India VS Pakistan 

28 Aug , 2022

Bangladesh reaction after the massive victory of their dad in India VS Pakistan match.

Jaddu Bhai's Jalwa
Then VS Now

Told the truth , but its late dear. India Vs Pak

- Voltaire

News Quote

Too many TVs destroyed after the India VS Pakistan Match. :- Ghalmel News

If Bahubali was a player of India Vs Pak cricket match

Russia's Covid-19
Vaccine Sputnik V
Available To Public

Somewhere in Pakistan after the pakistan vs india match .....

Mat ro beta , abbu hi to jeete hain tumhare. 

Remember 2017 , now revenge

Remember 2017 , now revenge

Our great army and cricketers after match.

Pakistan Cricket Board's Reaction

Paisa hi paisa hoga 😛😛😛

Alright  , prevention in important. 

Remember 2017 , now revenge
(India Vs Pak)