Cobra Trailer

Top 10 points

In the starting scenes of Cobra Movie Trailer , we can see the atitude of the character of Vikram sir.

Trailer starts with Vikram's Attitute



I the trailer of Cobra Movie , we can the different looks of Vikram Sir and seriously his looks are mind blowing.

Vikram's look


Famous cricketer Irfan Pathan is also in the Vikram's Movie " Cobra". He has played the role of villain in this movie.

Cricket in movie!

The KGF fame , Shrinidhi Shetty in playing the role of lead actress in Vikram's Cobra. Previously we have seen her in KGF 2.

KGF Actress in cobra



In the trailer of Cobra , we can guess that this film is full of suspense and thriller. Action ?

Unsolved mistary!

Top Level Action

The action scenes of Cobra Movie are looking very well choreographed and fits perfect in the trailer.

Background music of the trailer of Cobra is great !

AR Rahman has composed the background music of this film and in the trailer, BGM is wonderful.

VFX is also a strong point.

The VFX of Cobra Movie is looking like big budget visual effects in the trailer , and this can increase the cinematographic experience.

Releasing on 31st August

31 August , 2022

Vikram's grand movie "Cobra" is releasing this month. Go and watch.