People boycott
Brahmastra movie

Top 5 Reasons

There are some reasons behind this boycott trend .

Brahmastra Movie is released and people are boycotting this film. 

Ranbir Kapoor once said that he is a big beef guy .

#1 . Ranbir Kapoor statement 

People are quoting this statement and it is the biggest reason behind boycott brahmastra.

In an interview , Alia Said that " if you don't like me , don't watch me "
Now people are boycotting her movie brahmastra

#2 Alia Bhatt Statement

People are criticizing the poor storyline of Brahmastra Movie

Big Budget but no storyline

Ayan MuKerji cleared that the role of shiva was originally written for " rumi " 

#3 . Rumi Became Shiva !

Because the lead actor and actress of brahmastra movie are nepo kids ,people are boycotting brahmastra film

#4. Nepotism in Bollywood

In the brahmastra film , love story distracts the storyline.

Logicless love story

The viral tweet of dharma production's employee shreemi verma became a big reason to boycott brahmastra movie.

#5. Statement of Shreemi Verma

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