Kooku Web Series : Top 6 Indian Hot Web Series !

Kooku Web Series : If you are looking for hot web series and want some best platforms , Kooku is made exactly for you. Kooku App is a web series publishing platform and specifically popular for its 18+ adult contents. In the Kooku app , you will find variety of adult hot web series. Like Ullu app, kooku also has some very bold series list.

Kooku Hot Web Series

The whole kooku app is full from many hot series. The female cast of these web series are top of the line. You will find hottest ladies in the kooku platform. If your focus is mainly on romantic scenes, kooku will offer you exactly that, no too much storyline, no drama, direct adult scenes. Here is the list of top 10 web series of kooku app.

Nayi Naveli Web Series

Nayi Naveli is one of the most hot web series of all times. The story is based on 4 people of a family where you will find too much romantic scenes and a very hot screenplay. The female actresses of Nayi Naveli Kooku Web series are too much hot and s..xy. Do you know about the cast of Nayi Naveli ?

Nayi Naveli Cast :- Shanaya Ans , Nitisha and Ranjit Jha

Lolita PG House Kooku Web Series

Have you watched Mastram web series ? If yes , then you will definitely remember the se..xy aunty of mastram. Yes, we are talking about Abha Paul. In the Lolita PG House web series, Abha Paul has worked as the lead , so you can imagine the hotness of this web series. In Lolita PG House, you are going to watch too much hot scenes. This is one of the top hot web series of kooku.

Chhupi Nazar Top Hot Web Series

Talking about top hot web series, Chhupi Nazar is one of them. With very sensitive adult scenes, “Chhupi Nazar” is our recommendation for you , if you are searching for Kooku Web Series, you can consider this web series as your watch list. , Ruks, Ravindra yadav, Aashey, Shivam Joshi, Bharat Malhotra is lead cast of this series.

Charulata Web Series

Charulata is a romantic-drama web series. This web series is an erotic drama directed by Azzad Bharti. Charulata revolves around the relationship and animosity between two female characters and explores the themes of marriage, lust, and infidelity. This is also a very hot web series available on Kooku App.

Charulata Web Series Cast:- Neha Kapoor, Sreyashi, Rahul Manan, Pankaj Anand, and Wahid in the lead roles, among others.

Rani Ka Raja Webseries

Can you imagine a popular actress is an adult web series ? Rani Ka Raja is a popular web series available on Kooku App. Popular actress Rani Chaterjee is in lead role of this indian hot web series. Previously you have seen Rani Chatterjee in a very popular MX Player web series Mastram. You will love the story line of Raja ki Rani webseries. With some s…xy scenes, this can be a good choice for you.

Kooku Web Series :  Indian Hot Web Series !

Rani Chaterjee is a very hot actress , her performance in Rani ka Raja Web series will make you hard. Go and watch it.

Gulab Jamun Web Series

Gulab Jamun web series is full of hotness and se..y scenes. Watching Kooku App and forgetting to watch Gulab Jamun is a big mistake. Ayesha Pathan , Imran Khan , Rajsi Verma , Sohel Khan , Vinod Tripathy are in the lead role of this web series. If you are a web series lover than you will definitely a fan of se..y beauty Taisi Verma, her hot performance in this series will be a good treatment for you tonight.

kooku app web series

Nayi Naveli, Lolita PG House , Chhupi Nazar , Charulata and Raja ki Rani are our recommendation for top hot kooku web series. If you are searching that how you can watch these web series , we have a very simple idea for you that go and register in official Kooku App. Its very cheap and cost effective. If you are searching kooku web series download filmy4wap , we want to tell you that filmy4wap is a torrent website, and downloading anything from these types of website can be dangerous for your privacy and data.

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